Monday, May 5, 2014


You keep bringing "us" and "ours" up all the time,
And I'm the kind of grand gesture and stay in line,
That more for mine,
You are more the free fall I don't know where I'll fall into type,
When the overanalysing is more my kind of hype,
We always draw the same conclusion the time wasn't rype,
So tell me why,
Won't you tell me why,
The reason that in my overanalysing,
And synchronising all shared,
I stumbled upon the fact that you just keep on trying,
Or more a like always do really every single time I see you,
You mention us, and all we used to be,
And where we could've been now,
Where we should've been now,
So I guessed it might be just might be,
Because thats what you wanted it to turn into,
I wished the same,
But neither it at fault only time is to blame,
So just come over and say what you think of when you hear my name,
Just one time only once for me say what you really mean,
Not what we could have seen,
For I'd like to know where we stand,
But keep replying in I can't,
When it should have said I don't want to,
For I'm with her instead of you,
But thats not what you say,
You take the shady kind of way,
Yesterday night you pulled the last straw,
No more images for you to draw,
Treat me with such disrespect,
In saying that I neglect,
You're happiness for mine,
How could you put my heart on the line?
Front line in a army on warpath to get shot first,
Emotional outburst,
And you get surprised?!
I just think you gotta know now,
That also others accuse you of putting on this show,
Just because don't know how,
To say that you don't feel okay,
With "us" this way...

You keep on bringing up "us",
When I am wondering if there is a "us",
To bring up...?

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