You warm me

Cold and frozen is how I feel tonight,
If had had just something to keep my warm,
But this cold this bitterness seems to come from inside of me,
My heart is frozen,
Full of snow,
Will I ever know,
Just how it feels to be save and warm?
Or does nothing ever happens,
Could it be so hard?
For a spark to fly someday,
To make a little way to me...?
My mind was always dreaming to one day have a beating heart,
To feel the blood being pumped and me getting warm,
I never could imagine that it might happen once,
That I would melt someday,
Until I met you're face,
And you're sweet laugh warmed me in a way that no scarf, hat or jacket ever had,
The ice started to turn to water,
Snow almost became rain before it fell,
And I melted to the ground,
I was searching for myself and I found,

I melted to the ground when I found you...

How cool, I just don't know how, But the snow is moving yeaahhhh! :))
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