Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Told me he loved me

He told me he loved me out of the bleu,
Just when I was laughing,
He looked me in they eye and told me without any reasons why,
Eventhough I always inmagined my mister perfect to say it something like that,
I had no reply,
I couldnt say it back,
The only thing I did was looking away and saying how many people say it something like that without meaning,
How I could never take words like that out my mouth,
And then I laughed at one of my friends and just walked away, 
I didnt know what else to say...
I cant give a reaction,
Or at least one with the expectations or the statisfaction that you hope for,
Im so sorry,
It doesnt mean that I dont feel the same,
Its just that I don't want to put it on my name,
So I'll say I'm sorry,
I'm so sorry,
I'm sorry,
I'm sorry,
I am sorry...

they all like me, I'm sorry, I've got a big heart, but I don't want to lose it...

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