Friday, May 2, 2014

I'm a movie

I was thinking about comparisons between me and her,
And the first thought popping into my head,
Was she's you're book and I was you're movie,
And god  it made me smile like an idot,
Know why?
For you're not the kind of man,
To read a book a thousand times,
We both know once you've read one,
You through it out,
You don't like words,
Or the beauty in literature,
And you most definitely don't like that weird,
Grandma and grandpa kind of smell that an old book gives,
When yet I was the movie,
That you play back a million times,
Just like you do the notebook,
Rewinding to you're favorite scenes,
And sitting there on the best spot of the sofa,
Yes, yes, yes I'm the movie,
The one that's even good without words,
Just for the feelings it triggers,
So maybe I'll just wait till those,
Words she says,
Tire you...
For we both no,
Words are nothing but moved air,
The can be spoken true and fair,
Or as lies and chains,
So I'll just wait here,
Where we used to watch movies together,
For this is the first place you will go...
I know so...
I know so...

goodbye's are not forever, they are not the end.

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