The universe revolving

Loving you was so all in one,
It was like I fell in love with the sun,
And had a romance upon stars,
While the moon cherished me,
And this treacherous uncompareble love was where it lead to,
And know that you have me enchanted and wonderstruc on this magic there is no more turning back,
Trying to love someone else would be like Pretending I dont know that could could this real and passionat and full of all the things I've never felt before,
I finally understand why people would cross the world to be with the one they love,
Because in a heartbeat I would trav trough universe and time,
Just to call you one more second in that tiny infinity mine,
Loving you is so all in one,
My heart is too full of you,
And thats the main reason why I cant fall in love with someone else,
Youre my world, sun and moon and the whole universe revolving around it,
If that is all you then where the hell should I look to find something thats slightly close to you?!

what I feel for you is infinite I swear it is.

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