Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The moment I knew

You didn't remember,
And I said when you found out,
Oh don't worry,
It wasn't like I waited for you,
Or like I expected you to show,
But I did, 
I'm the kind of girl that always keeps her promise,
And when I say I will wait for you I wait,
So I sat there all night,
I'm sure there would have been girls that left the minute you where late,
But I didn't,
I waited all night until I fell asleep on the sofa...
You never showed,
While you should've been here,
Bursting trough the door,
And I would have been the happiest I've ever was,
But you didn't,
And that was the moment,
My head gave up on someone who my heart should've given up a long time ago,
That was the moment I knew...

fuck you, i'm done with this...

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