Just how broken

I felt so lonely,
So out of place,
I tried to explain,
Bit its just the case,
That they cant understand,
Cant even inmagine,
Or begin to see an image,
Let along feel,
The pain that was so real,
I bled out anger gushing,
I pushed and yelled,
And screamed and thought,
And cried some more,
They will just never see,
Hoe broken I really am,
How many scars,
Where torn,
Not only in my heart,
But all over my skin,
The smell of my sweat,
Working to live,
Still lingers on me now,
And the burning eyes,
From hours crying,
I still feel,
Just as the bittersweet taste,
Of my victory,
After countless years,
Suddenly I won,
And then my life begon...
Now all I can do is be me,
Whatever that might be...

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