It was supposed to be a laugh

I never ment to let it get so personal,
It was just a flirt,
It was just a kiss,
Almost like a joke,
The two of us,
Who could have ever thought,
But now I've got a broken heart,
I really never thought,
How could it?
Get so personal?
When it was you...?
And me...?
It was supposed to be just a flirt,
It was supposed to be just a kiss,
It was supposed to turn out as a laugh,
But nobody's laughing,
We were never a joke,
Not even close to funny,
To broken hearts,
Next to each other,
Two shattered souls,
For a minute it seems as if,
But not yet ready,
To share what it is,
Two souls should share,
To much been used up,
To much hurt,
To risk it all,
On all that we've ever known...
And not it got too personal...
It wasn't just a flirt...
It wasn't just a kiss...
Ignorance is bliss,
Now I know,
For this was a real love,
A once in a lifetime,
And I can feel it slipping though my fingers...

So all of that... meant nothing?

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