Monday, May 12, 2014

Stranger to me

It all flashes before my eyes,
The last four weeks,
How we turned from lovers,
Into friends, 
And now that we are over,
As the loving kind,
This sepperation should be easy,
But its not,
I cant help but bump my head,
Onto litlle things youve said,
Like that I'm the one you'll always think of,
And that I was a one time oppertunity,
And how you said you understand but when I got mad you didnt even understood the litllest that could?! 
And I just break my heart on the last part,
The part we went trough last night,
How can someone I used to know and love so well... Now suddenly be...
A stranger to me?
Darling, I dont recognise youre doubt,
Youre fears and youre tears,
I dont understand how you can be so strong yet always think youre wrong,
Please say something, a wisper a shout,
But you closed youre mouth looked the other way and shut me out...
And now someone I used I know so well,
Is something or something strange that I cant speak or see or tell,
How could a love so deep now be,
A stranger to me...

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