Saturday, May 3, 2014

It was plannend perfect

It was all plannend perfect,
My black purple sparkle socks,
My grey vans shoes,
The light bleu jeans I wore when we went to germany,
That off white and sliver top that you like on me,
The bracelets you touched when we fist held hands, 
The earrings that I used to put in shamelessly when dating with you,
I had it all thought out,
I'd already bought the fanta,
And the chips,
I downloaded a movie and cleaned my messy room,
Cleaned the sheets and hid all the reciets from our dates just in case it would look too desperate...
But we never got to the date,
I had it all thought out, 
Perfectly inside my head,
But that was where it stayed...
Too bad,
It never left my head...

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