crazy stupid love

We once laid on the middle of the street,
Rein-acting the notebook scene,
For you love the notebook,
And then on that drunkin' walking home night,
The police stopped there and asked me if I was okay,
They fought you were harassing me,
I couldn't say yes without having this huge laugh burst out,
We were always crazy like that...
Or that one time we came in so late,
We told everyone that we were already up,
When we hadn't even slept a single minute yet,
Oh these stupid memories,
And once when you picked my up,
In this full crowd and just started to,
Well actually I really don't know what you did,
I think you tried some dirty dancing lift up,
But you failed hard,
You let me faal on the ground,
And as everyone surrounding made Ohhhh sounds,
We just look at each other and laughed till we cried,
Oh how many times you've made me smile,
All the crazy shit we did...
It has to make me admit,
That the greatest love are the crazy ones,
The ones where everything is possible,
And you share every thought, laugh, memorie,
Where two souls collide not only as lovers,
But also as best friends, as siblings,
We had that kind of love where you fight and make up,
Where you slam the door and then open it to kiss,
When you act like children, but love as you're grandma and grandpa do,
The one that comes once in a lifetime....
We had a crazy, stupid love,
But in the end we both would do it all over again...

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