Hurt me

You say all those things to me that you dont mean,
And now I cant unsee what I've seen,
You stated to have and to hold my heart,
But you just broke it apart,
While I just kept growing youre confidence,
You screwed up our future plans,
Why would you wanne break?
A perfectly loving heart?
Why would you wanne take all of me?
And trear me all apart?
Why would you want to unravel,
A girl hanging on to a treath?
Why would you wanne make me sad?
When me was all you ever had...
I stood beside the football field cheeribg for you,
I held you hand when no one else wanted to,
I fighted away youre fears and dried all youre tears, 
And I couldve done it for years,
But you broke me, crushed me, make me burn, torn me apart, shot me trought the heart, tricked me into falling in a whole you dug...
So the only question left is,
Why are you do surprised that I was dissapointed in you?
You said you would understood if I was mad or angry,
But me being hurt by you sound so weird?
You hurt me because I cared,
I cared so much that I gave you the ability to control my emotions and my feelings as well as my heart, 
I gave you the chance to hurt me,
Let my naked soul out for you to critize,
I just never ever thought that you would do it,
Hurt me...

a mirror does not know you.

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