Creature of habit

As I sat on my chair,
In my corner of the bus,
The same way as I always am,
I realised...
I am a creature of habit,
So are you,
We move in cirkels and cirkels,
So since we didnt chance our patterns,
Its no surprise we keep bumping into each other,
As I walked home,
From the stop to the driveway,
The same way as I always do,
I realised... 
You are a creature of habit,
So as I,
And we move in cirkels and spinn,
We move and move till we bump,
Bump into each other,
And discover,
That we are creatures of habit,
And weve made patterns through the two of us...
So it might be time to change the patterns,
Or we could hold on,
To this habit so strong.

a habit too strong

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