Told me he loved me

He told me he loved me out of he bleu,
I just made a joke out of it,
But then he said to me just Saturday night that we needed to talk, 
So I sat down just a talk,
As he started to explain why he said it so suddenly,
I just got blanc not even realizing what was happenings right in front of me is like the perfect ending of every single romantic movie,
So then if it was so perfect why arent I happy?
I feel so terrifying and choked and scared,
I wasn't prepaired for anything like this at all,
And it happening too fast I don't have an answer... I don't even have time to think,
Do after he said,
"I've always been in love with you, for years, even since that one moment of August 2010 I loved you, and its not going anywhere, I love you just as you are for who you are, even if you're not very likable or lovable at that moment, I love you..."
And even though I always wanted to hear someone say that to me,
Not even one single word got in,
I was paralyzed, frozen, stunned...
And I just said nothing,
My only reply was Thank you for saying that,
God what kind of bitch would reply like that?!
What do I do.... Next time I see you?
How do I make up,
For screwing up?!

so scared they fall in love with you too...

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