feet pointing at each other

Standing there acting like we don't care,
But our feet are pointing at each other,
And I learned at school,
That you only do that when for the other you still bother,
You still have feelings,
But we always where like that,
Just conceal and make sure no one sees what you feel,
But isn't that so wrong?
When we still break every time they play our song?
We act like the other half is invisible,
But we just make rounds and rounds,
To keep coming back together,
To keep bumping into the other one,
Stumbling trough a awkward hello,
And off we go...
Darling darling don't you know,
That all I ask for is one word,
I don't need a love serenade,
Or some kind of cheesy or hopeless gesture,
I only want you to say my name,
Say it like you mean it,
Like you miss me,
Like you love me,
Cause I know that you do...
And you know it too,
So darling darling,
Let make this situation alarming,
Let go away together,
I know it's not charming,
But it's a solution for us heart warming,
Lets go,
Get back together...

our feet always pointing at each other...

Like this, like us! Thanks :))


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