Friday, May 23, 2014

ruined the surprise

It was perfect had I saw you comming,
But that might have ruined the surprise...
So I guess I never saw you comming,
And in a way I'm kinda thankful for that,
For now I'll never be the same,
And it wasn't even all that hard,
To change a careful girl in a rebel,
To realign my mind for you,
To break my heart on every word they threw,
But it stronger,
It made me yours,
So all was worth,
And looking back,
It wasn't even all that hard,
For you and all of that for the first time,
Made my living start,
No longer I just existed,
I was finally free from all the things I used to be,
I've rewritten my history,
It was perfect if I'd saw it comming,
But that would have ruined the surprise...

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