Monday, May 19, 2014

Stop the flood of tears

In crying,
Laying in this childisch position,
All alone in my too big bed,
So I've wrapped my wheeping self,
Up in the blankets and picked a pillow,
Put it right there between my arms,
Where you would lay when you used to comford me,
I sprayed some of youre perfume on it,
So that while I cry closed eyes,
And when the tears stream down my face as waterfalls,
It will almost be like youre here for me,
Like you holding me close and youre whispering it will all be okay love,
And my ugly and stupid crying sound you would shus,
Just like you would whipe away my tears and gently hum the sound of my favourit sleep song,
Slowly cradling me to sleep in youre save and warm body,
So I'll would never cry again...
But youre not here tonight,
And nothing is allright,
Its not close to okay let along fine,
I need you here babe I need you to be mine,
Hurry up babe for were running out of time,
And I need you tonight,
I beg you stop my tears,
Fight away my monster fears,
And make it all alright...
Stop the flood of tears,
Stop my crying...
I beg you I'm dying...

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