Come to the conclusion

I keep traveling back,
Down the road we walked,
Reminding myself of every move we've made,
All the choices we choose,
All that we've been trough,
And the memories we've made,
I've come to the conclusion that it is really true, 
People do change and memories don't...

I keep re-reading,
My writing of you,
The poems you so perfectly fit,
Or angy ballads with an emotional twist,
All the feelings I had,
And maybe still have,
They are hidden in there,
So now I've come to the conclusion...
That you'll always have a special place in my heart...

As I look at the pictures,
I flash back to all these moments we've spend together and put into forever once the photo was taken,
And I've come to the conclusion,
That maybe baby,
You'll have it too...

This thinking about me and you,
When you come home tired from a long hard week,
When you lay in you're bed,
Or when you sit in the train going home,
Sooner or later,
You'll come to the conclusion,
That I'm still somewhere there deep beneath the surface,
In you're heart I still own a little part...

strawberry heart shaped, was in my ice cream!!

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