If our love was a book

If you and I,
Our love was a book,
We would be the kind of book,
That you read all at once,
Till at one point,
You get so mad by the story,
That you throw the book to the wall,
You've got the tears streaming down you're face,
Red cheeks and a shoking breath,
So you go and climb out of bed and pick up the book again,
For a break up is never the end,
From a great love,
So you take it back to page and read on with all this rage,
You read through youre blurry eyes,
And you just have to stay l awake,
You cant stop Reading till you know how it ends,
When it becomes around 4 a.m. you're almost at the end,
Last page,
Last words,
And so many things that I wished you know,
So many things you wish I knew,
But how does either one of us holds on to words that where empty air,
When the black and white written once's state it as 'the end',
I never read it as an ending,
Or put time in it spending,
For we both now the end was just begon,
And not even close to over,
We are the kind of book that has always had an open ending,
The one that gets made into a trilogy,
And in the end the two where it started of with end up together,
So I'll wait for the end...

If our love was a book, a love letter...

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