Friday, May 9, 2014

we almost do...

He asked me out of the bleu,
If I had brought you home,
For you were so drunk,
The you that didn't even drink that much,
That fed me wine till I begged you to stop,
We laughed en we joked,
But then you got provoked,
By this one burning question I had,
And you'll made sure I would regret,
That word I never said...

They all looked at me,
And my stumbling answer to be...
"Me? Bring him home? I think his brother did?"
Now that was a face blown hit,
It sounded so silly on their faces I could read,
That the doubt I hadn't beat...
I just mumbled on some stupid answer,
Kind of so pulled together tight like a panzer...

He laughed and said "you more drunk then him?"
No way, no way, not you, not even close to beginning,
So tell me babe, in this mess we made,
Could we both have taken too much on our plate?
Is it still possible to clean te slate?
Or we just too late..?
Oh we've made quite a mess baby,
But I cant help but wish for maybe,
Cuz in my dreams you're the one I hold,
And in my fantasy it you I see...

And I know,
I honestly know,
That every time we don't,
We almost do....

Maybe it not about the happy ending, maybe it's about the story.

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