Not the kind of

I am not the kind of girl,
To break a couple up,
To cheat on somebody,
Or to act like a home wrecker,
But you are not the kind of boy,
To date the wrong girl,
To admit you made a mistake,
To turn back around,
And a our worlds collide,
I lose myself in this repeating dream,
Where I meet you and her,
She causes a scène,
Tell you to follow her and stop it,
But I yell "NO",
She look horrified at you and me,
As I say,
We are not the kind of people to go and forget about each other,
Don't follow her around,
When were still standing on holy ground,
And you look from her to me,
And said,
"I'm glad were not that kind, for you where hard to find, you never left my mind..."
Next thing I knew we just took of,
Left her there and started our new life...

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