Yesterday night at 1:30 pm,
Was the exact date and time that we kissed for the first time,
I can still remember how you took my hand and swepped me away,
And without any say,
I just went with it,
It felt good just like somehow I knew it would,
So we both took a sip of this sour drink, 
Laughed at each other and did silly stuff that night,
Like who pees the fastest, 
And who has the most awkward dance moves,
Then as we almost went our separate ways you squeezed my hand,
And I never quite give that so much thought,
But that one squeeze sums up out entire relationship,
Even until now,
Because every time I try to let go,
You squeeze and pull me back,
You remind me you're still there,
And that you hold my hand,
But didn't anyone told you its not polite to hold a hand between you're back?

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