Monday, May 26, 2014

Finished cleaning my room

After I finished cleaning my room,
My mom asked me,
How come there is still that ugly black stain on you're light switch,
Honey please wipe it off,
But I cant... Not that I expect her to understand,
Its just like that green mark that once was on my all stars,
It was from a shot we took, 
We were drunk and laughing while toasting so I...
Spilled half of yours and half of mine on our shoes,
And I just couldn't get rid of it,
Its like when I while away those stains,
I also wipe away memories,
And I also clean my heart from the stains you made there,
But I don't want to clean or wipe you out,
For you're all that I think about,
And everything I keep inside my head,
Is just me wishing for you...
I kinda like those little reminders of you around my life,
For you're still one of my favourite distractions,
You the daydream I wish to hold,
You're my one,
You're my person...
And I'd like to be you're person too,
But you havent gotten a clue,
Maybe this thursday I will put on my all stars,
And the clothes I had on that night of my birthday you'll understand,
That there is still room for you're fingers tangled up in my hand...
Maybe I'll act like a bad ass and give you a flirt,
Maybe I be the fire started I used to be and melt you're heart...
After I finished cleaning my room,
I finally understood,
Why it was that I couldn't forget you,
Its because you havent forgotten me neither...
So know I know what to do,
When I find you...

That little stain on my all stars, was like the universe in which,
You and I could still exist, I was holding on to the bead of a spit,
A dream I did not wanted to slit...
And now I'm just waiting till the shine wears off...

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