Friday, May 30, 2014

Worth it

You asked my why,
Even after all this time,
I thought you were still worth,
My time and effort,
Even in this whole mess,
And the only thing I could say was,
Because if I only had one minute,
Each and every day,
It would still be enough,
To find in that one single minute,
A thousand things that I love in you,
Not a thousand things I love,
For I was never in love with you...
Clothes, hair, words or flair,
I fell in love with the cracks in you're heart,
And how you have seven ways of smiling,
And those little tiny things you show,
Without any know,
That speak off whats inside,
What you try hide...
So I can only tell you,
That even if forever is just a minute,
I could love you forever...
And it will always be worth it,
No matter what the odds are.

I'll always love you...

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