Creative work

He said I thought of you always more as the creative work or education girl for all those deep and thoughtful creative words you post on Facebook,
And yet he doesn't even has a clue, 
Those words aren't creative at all, mostly they are quotes of people that inspire or have inspired me throughout my life,
Words with meaning that I share in the hope that someone else will find in it...
The same things as I have did, 
Or the things that I've failed to see and remain on others to be found...
And I could tell him about our little secret share place here,
When you can read every thought that I bare, 
But I don't for I don't really matter I don't care,
Why would I try to impress someone who already seems impressed by myself in distress?
I'm gonna save it up, not for him but neither for you,
I'm gonna spend it all on another love,
I will find someone like you,
And when I do I spend it all on another you...

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