Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I lived it all

In this world full of people,
One has a spell over me,
One is killing me,
In this world of people,
There is only one I need,
So if I only live once,
I'd gamble my life away on you,
For the only way I know,
Is to give it all I ever had,
And I hope that you'll stay,
I'll give it all,
I'd do it al,
So I can say,
I lived in this one live,
That I was given,
And even if all my bones are broken,
Even If my heart is torn,
My soul has been shattered,
I still wish that you'll be happy,
I'll just wait for my moment,
I silently pray for a lighter weight,
But if god gives me what he gives,
I'll carry it and I'll live,
So when the end comes,
I can honestly say,
I lived,
Even is something is killing me,
I can swear I lived...
I did it all...
I didn't just excited,
I lived, I swear every second,
Every moment, I did it all,
I lived...

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