Sunday, October 20, 2013

How about we give it a year?

I just can't get my mind sorted,
Talking with you,
All these words imported and exported,
I just don't know it...
I can't translate or submit,
Are you asking me to recommit?

All these words you said,
There so widespread,
Can we just go and move ahead?
I can't choose between,
Friends, lovers or nothing after all I've seen,
I'm not you're dean,
Yet you share you're fall,
But I can't call,
For I'm talking to a stone wall...

I just can't figure out,
What this is all about,
You, me all that we vowed,
It's being disallowed,
It's our own fault,
We've got the doubt...

I can't get clear,
Therefore I need you here,
I need you to be more like a imagineer,
But instead you just disappear,
I'm left with the fear,
That I will never speak to you again dear,
Please tell me i'm wrong save me another tear...
If I stay strong, I'll meet you in a year?

see you in a year, 365 days from now...

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