Monday, October 14, 2013

I'm writing you a love song

The light we used to create,
The fire we made,
It's light and warmth faded...
It let,
To a road with a end, death.
I needed to flee,
You needed to be free,
Now were apart we both see,
We were ment to be,
We belong together,
no matter of whether,
We were happy,
We had it good,
They didn't understood,
And I don't think they ever would,
Or could,
Share what we shared,
Care as we cared,
We weren't scared,
Just unprepared,
But a love so strong,
It could never be wrong,
To prove me right I'm putting it in a song,
I hope one day you'll hear it on the radio,
When you recognize you'll be getting this glow,
And I hope you smile and sing along,
To you're own personal love song.

I like you, I'm writing you a love song...

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