Raindrops crashes,
I go back in flashes,
A kaleidoscope of memories,
A round a bout with no out,
An unheard shout,
Im tangled up inside,
Youre name in my mind echo's,
Everthough its so long ago,
I know its been a while,
We made quite a late hour phile,
Not guilty and not innocent,
How could this be bend?
As it Storms,
My mind forms,
Ive made my desicion,
I see a new vision,
If we could let the rain fall down,
Trow away the frown,
If we could listen to the lightning,
Not get frightning,
If we could let our skin sowk in sun,
Without being guard by gun,
If we wipe our slates clean,
If its a mirrorubg screen,
Maybe we will recognise what we have always seen,
We belong togheter, always and forever.

The rain came pouring down...

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