Sunday, October 6, 2013

Believe is so close to grief.

I'm so alone,
Living on my own,
Supposed to be full grown,
But I'm feeling so small,
Not eve close to standing tall,
It's the biggest ever,
I've fallen, Oh this fall...

Won't you come and save me,
From all the sadness I see,
I'm sure I'm gonna feel okay again when...
When you come, you don't have yo say a word,
I just wanna be heard.

I'm living with my heart on my sleeve,
Forgot to believe, in me...
All that I saw was anything and everything but me,
Now I know I can be, myself...
I'm gonna be closer to complete,
I might be far away from being together...
But I'm gonna get there.
Wherever it might be,
I will see the centered soul of me.
All I'm destined to be.

Believe is so close to grief....

I'm all alone, believe is so close to grief,

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