Monday, October 28, 2013


My alarm went off,
All for you...
So I wouldn't forget to,
Make something for you,
Won't forget what I must do.

I'm gonna make a surprise,
I wanna see it in you eyes,
Completely sincere,
No perfect lines,
But perfect times,

Times spend together,
Didn't even matter the weather,
of whatever,
I was in love,
Believing you're a gift from above,

I should have made you feel the same,
So I'm in shame, cuz I'm the one to blame,
But if you let me I would,
Run trough the rain back to you,
To kiss you to take away the pain,

I will never let you go anymore,
That a promise forever and always,
For sure!

The way you smile made not only perfect lines,
But more important perfect times (L).

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