Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Shut up and love me

Shut up,
Shut up and love me,
Make me shut up by kissing me,
Kiss me soft and slow,
But don't dare to let go,
Make it rough and wild,
Play it mature but as sweet as a child,
We go hide and run,
Till we find the morning sun,
As I will try to speak,
Shut up,
Shut me up,
Make sure not a single word I leak,
For I don't want to destroy,
A night filled with treacherous joy,
Give me a rude interruption,
We'll be a friction,
A daydream failing to be hold,
Silver instead of gold,
As I will try to explain,
Shut up,
Shut up and love me,
Don't let us go trough the pain,
We can't play this game,
You always have me,
Don't even need a chain,
So what will it be?
Shut up...
Will you just shut up and love me?!

Just shut up and love me...

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