Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Change the world.

Don't you see the sorrow?
Don't you see the pain?
So much wrong in this world...
Why God? Don't they pray?
It seems like we all forget, what truly matters in life.
The things you can not buy are the best in this world.
Like love, laughter, friendship, compassion, freedom, sound, sunshine...
It's like were getting blind for things ment to be unseen by eyes.
Where did wisdom go?
When did our heart got shot down for feeling and believing?
Is no one else tired of living so cold, only caring for money and gold?
What I wish for doesn't come in a carton box or a plastic wrapper...
I wish to feel with all my heart and soul.
To be the change in the world I wanna see.

If you are crazy enough to think it, you can change the world.

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