To know you...

To know you,
Like you're the only one,
To know you,
Has not half begon,
To know you,
Is snowing me under,
To know you,
I beg on my knees,
Please please please...
To know you,
He said to me,
Is one to know,
It takes one to know one,
And I might only reflect,
The impact,
That you have on me,
What you've came to see,
Might be,
A mask,
How will you ever know,
To know me,
Is hard,
You'll gonna wonder,
To know me,
Is hard,
You'll learn...
I'll be burned,
When time had turned,
To know you,
To know me,
Is to know anything,
But our selfs...

In live you'll realize that there is a purpose for every person you meet.

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