Thursday, August 14, 2014

Number 22

Sitting alone on the bathroom floor,
Wondering why I'm lonely,
When you once said to me,
That you could never love anyone more,
Then you loved me,
That I was the kind of girl,
That you only meet once in you're life,
The only one you'll really have to hold on,
Then what are we still fighting for?
Don't you know,
That even when I not show,
That I am always on you're side,
I'll protect you're pride,
Save you some shimmering light,
Never let anything hurt you or let you get burned,
We could be so save and sound...

You and you're stupid stubbornness,
Are eating all alone,
At our favorite spot in town,
What are you sitting at out table for,
Without anyone to look or laugh with?
Haven't I told you,
That you could tell me anything?
That I am a believer in second chances?
Did you not know,
That I am on you're side,
I am on you're side,
I am on you're side,
On you're side,
Time and again,
For you loved me then,
I will love you when...

you're 22, 8 and muc much more but mostly my #1.

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