Here and now

Walking down the crowded streets,
Just stepping along to the rhythm,
I got so caught up on this thought,
Revolving all around you,
These chemicals rushing trough my blood,
Brains breaking on mistakes I made,
I am asking to own heart,
If you want it? Why won't you feel it?
Saturday night at altstadt,
I wanted to turn back to home,
So alone in this crowded stream,
Without you to take my hand,
I wish you could let go of you're head,
Then I would let go of my heart,
And together we could feel it all,
In the mid of it all,
It's you,
I you let go of you're future,
I'll let go of the past,
And all we will ever have,
Is what's here and now,
Even for any little second,
I would vow,
To love you for ever,
Here and now,
And that could be,
Our own definition of "always".

boys in books movies or whatever are always better

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