Completely over you

Mids all this talking about you and all this rambling and going on,
Trying to talk sense into something so senseless,
I started to realize that it made sense,
From the beginning on you lied to me,
You never showed youre true colours untill today...
You told me you were trying to be all that you ever wanted to be once,
Just a we where driving down memorie lane,
And I told you oh no shame,
In some sort of twisted way I was right,
There lays no shame for you here,
Only shame for me,
In the not seeing trough you,
In the believing in my own feelings,
Now I'm the one left,
To say I don't understand and regret,
That I ever fell in love with you,
And that there was the key,
To getting over you,
I can no longer explain why I loved you,
My description of you is discriping a picture we once shared,
A statue that got burned down,
So since I no longer recognize youre eyes,
Of the love I once give away without price,
I can say,
That I am over you,

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