Sunday, August 24, 2014

Comfort zone

Someone wise once told me,
"Sometimes you have to step out of you're comfort zone in order to create the most amazing experiences..."
And I guess its true,
It was so with them,
And so it will be with you,
Why would it not be,
For all I really wish for... is someone,
To whisper sweet words in my ear,
Who likes me even when I have the wild five minutes,
Someone who is not scared by the mess I can be,
And since that october 10th you have already proven all of these things,
So why is this so out of my comfort zone?
Like worlds beyond my heart says "yes"?!
Maybe you could promise for just in case I fall, 
That you will catch me?
For they all said they would and they had this whole web of strings to hold me with,
But holding on is not the same,
And I could hold on to these memories,
But they don't hold me back,
And they won't catch me or comfort me,
Not even close to the way you do...
Maybe I'll just lose my head and heart and jump trough it all,
Maybe it's more about the laughter and screaming instead of the fall,
Maybe comfort is not even as comforting as I thought,
I guess in a web of my own lies I was caught,
Lying about all that I feel,
Never believing in anything real...
Someone wise once gave me advise,
I took it to heart and there I found,
My heart was all along the place to let it all start...

comfort zone

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