Monday, August 4, 2014

Friendship is...

He asked me: "How about friends?"
I giggled and said: "You have always been my friend. You might be my best friend as a matter in fact."
He looked at me confused: "How so, tell me what is friendship for you?"
So I told him: "Friendship is not saying were friends, it proving it every single time, by sharing you're food, doing things the other loves specially for them, it's in telling the truth even when it hurts, it shelters in sheltering with them during storm, it is in a thousands cups of tea drunken together, it is not one thing friendship, it is hidden in a million little shared smiles, friendship is worthwhile..."
He did not argue with me.
We became best friends,
He is my BEST FRIEND. ❤️

I promise i will do everything to make you happy.

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