If you never try

Tomorrow is a big day,
Or at least its a big day for me,
And whenever I get close,
To life changing events,
Or moments of possibility,
I have a special routine,
It makes me confident,
I start the night before,
Put on Some music and sit down,
Take my 'memories that made me grow' drawer,
Then I'll just look trough it all,
Trough tests and months with days like I have to face next,
And what builds my confidence,
Is that I can not see faillure,
Not even if I failed,
For I've never given up,
Thats pretty much all you need in this world,
The will to fight for what you believe,
The braveness to try to reach,
Cause if you never try you'll never know,
If it was all worth it...

If you never try you'll never know,
There are stories yet to be written in front of us.

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