Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Apple tree

I might be the only fool in this world,
But I've fallen in love,
And now all that I want,
Is for you to fall as well,
For what else is expected,
From a denzel in distress,
Of this once was yet now a mess,
What else can I say?
I don't even recognize myself,
As I look in the mirror,
I ask who is this fool looking at me,
But I've fallen in to deep,
It's like Adam and Eve,
All this temptation,
You're my apple tree,
And I've fallen in love,
With the sweet sweet taste,
Of you're apple...
But tree don'y only hand apples,
The also provide shadow,
And I'd like to see light,
Please please please,
Don't fight,
I might be the only fool in the world,
And I might have fallen in too deep,
But please just catch me...?
Apple tree.

Will you catch me when I fall from the apple tree?

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