What if's

I am starting a new college wednesday,
And he wanted to go out next saturday,
They asked me to a party sunday,
And in between thursday I have to go travel with them...

I want to be that impulsive, lay back, cool chick,
I wish I could be out going and everything else,
But the truth is I am scared,
Terrified by all these changes, eepectations and new beginnings...

What if I dont fit in,
What if it is not the place where I belong,
What if my best is not good enough,
What if he pulls back when he really gets to know me,
What if they asked out of pity,
What if it is all a joke,
What if even I dont believe in myself?

What if all I can about are what if's...?
I am so scared that I'll mess up,
I'm not dreaming just dooming...
Wont you come and hold me,
Tell me everything is going to be okay...

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