Super trash

Eating and chatting about all this stuff,
I told her about these recent events,
How you still manage to controle my every thought,
How I keep on trying to pull the panic cord,
But somehow you always stop this pulling,
You just keep on coming over,
Keep on coming closer,
To get just one last glance at our box of souvenirs,
To say one more time "Remember when..",
Or "After all that we've been trough...",
Now it's mine turn to speak,
I've decided all on my own,
To throw away all these things that linger,
The McDonalds glass you made me keep,
With the promise of flowers in it one day,
It never got that far...
The receipts of all or dinners, the Greek, the pizza,
The parking tickets we got,
And even the one for gass,
Let along the picuters of you and you're brother,
Or the songs we've discussed,
The panty's you torn apart,
Little pieces of my shattered heart,
The festivals we went to together,
All the coins we still have left,
All the sheets we got dirty,
And all the things we screwed up,
Like the table coaster kind of thingies,
And the bell of my bicycle,
I've still them all,
Not even to mention,
All of these poems of mine you've read,
And all of those I wrote for you,
With you're sweet talk all over them,
The candy wrappers we shared,
And the cd's we've spon grey in the car,
The jacket you failed to ever give back,
And all,
I've kept it all,
Just in case,
The movies we watched together,
The tickets to the theater,
I've saved it all,
For the day we would laugh at it,
You're words remember?
Now it's just like it was supposed to be,
Some kind of real-life Super Trash...

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