Saturday, August 23, 2014


Its almost 365 days,
Almost a whole year,
I've been blogging,
It seemed so slow,
Even not statisfied,
With the tiniest grow...

Its almost 365 days,
Day to day in these days,
I've gotten 30 +googleplus followers,
My blogs own Facebook page, 
A lot of new friends,
And two published stories!

Its almost 365 days,
And what I though,
Or more wished to ever acomplish,
I have gotten in this year,
Throughout 4 seasons,
I never gave up,
And now I'm almost at:

Its almost 365 days,
And I hope that in Reading this,
In any kind of way,
I saved someone a day,
With one sentence written,
Or a word on the right place,
I created a smiling face...

Its almost 365 days,
Up to another 365,
And then I'll tell you all about,
The 730 days route...

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