Sunday, August 31, 2014

I'm a movie person

I like movies,
The sad and tragic,
The star-crossed lovers kind,
I like to cry my face off,
While watching them,
Just rewind it,
And do it all over again,
Yet less heavy,
And I guess that sums up,
How I deal with everything,
That blows at me during life,
I feel it,
I feel it with my all,
And in order to give it a place,
I keep on rewinding,
Untill on of those times,
I stop crying,
After that time,
I still travel back,
Every now and then,
Just to see,
How far I've come,
How truly free,
In being whatever I want to be,
Whatever I like to call me,
I like movies,
That seem close to life...
I like movies,
It's a simple kind of free...

don't look at me, drawing by cv.

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