Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Let myself

Ain't it funny,
Oh ain't it,
How when I walk,
You come running,
But when I'm in,
For the long run,
You play me,
As a hide and seek,
Childish game,
See I don't get,
Where this is going,
Breaking my head,
Over the countless,
Perspectives you could,
Encounter in,
Yet maybe I can not,
Wrap my head about,
The point of it all,
Merely because it is,
Pointless to you,
I am just a game,
You want to play,
When there ain't no shit,
On the television,
When you're home alone,
Or when she has gone,
Ain't it funny,
Oh ain't it,
How I know about your bluf,
But I let myself,
Get played anyway.

I won't ever let you play me again,
I think....

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