Thursday, February 18, 2016

Simply complicated

Palmtrees, wind, hands,
Balloons, sand, flipflop,
Gold, pizza, wetsuit,
Of pure happiness,
I ask the empty space,
That used to speak,
Pillow talk,
If we'll ever walk,
Across that ocean,
Deep dark beloved,
Inside memories stored,
Skyscrapers, horns, park,
Taxi, door, work,
Microwave, skirt, phone,
Of pure destruction,
Our life under construction,
Working on this love,
Without you here,
Separated by the fear,
Of being separated,
We've created our own,
By moving floors,
From tent to tenth,
We can no longer bend,
As the wind gives merely a slight breeze,
We seize, we break.

When did it became so complicated?

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