Perfect Pretty Face

I know,
It would be wise,
To shut up,
To keep my eyes,
On the price,
I know,
It shouldn't bother me,
Let it go,
It's that simple,
But see I can endure,
To keep the secret,
In this dark room,
In my mind,
Deep inside my gut,
For it has been cut,
Into two pieces,
By the words thy,
Throw at me as knives,
I am roaring on the inside,
Want to snap out,
I get this feeling it's a little too late,
Wondering why I am out,
And about while I'm waiting,
For y'all to, snap out,
I know,
You ain't ever,
Gonna snap out of it,
So Darling,
Sorry I've been acting so blind,
But I won't be the one,
Telling you at two in the morning,
You're doll face was turned,
Upside down by accident,
When you put it on after the bathroom break,
Only to suck out,
Respect from the other,
Doll face, in high up places,
Sucked up by their fake smiles...
Darling, Don't cry,
It does not suit your perfect pretty face...

I've made a picture of myself in the mirror,
In bright colours I do not like,
With a face smile and slutty clothes,
Am I perfect now? Am I?

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