Walks in the room,
As a party balloon,
Can not quite make out,
What his glow is about,
Wondering if maybe,
There is something about me,
Different as well,
Since I've been cast under his spell,
The water drips from the sink,
But the permanent ink,
Won't come off his back,
Can not wash off the track,
From this vaguely blurred colliding,
Where the drive ain't half the thriving,
Sofa must be stained,
By the fluids drained,
As only two body's trained,
To get along,
When there alone,
In the darkest of days,
In the easiest of ways,
Goosebumps creep over,
The one night stand lover,
That is better bend,
Puts his hand,
Over my neck,
As the attack,
I've been fighting to seize,
Please, please,
Take my breath away...

Strings, strings, strings...

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