The voice of Anna

She aways was so beautiful,
But the mirror was haunting her,
It was killing her by showing what...
All the mirrors show... You...
She was so scared and unprepared,
For this hard cold world,
That she stopped eating,
Not for being nervous or in love,
Not because she didn't feel hunger,
But just because she might not be,
The one on the cover of a magazine to see...
Isn't it a tragedy?
That there are many like her,
They all can't see what all the others do,
How red hair make the fire you have inside show,
And how having a size M is just a beautiful,
As freckles and fuzzy hair...
The world it going down, down, down,
We all fake smiles and force laughs,
While inside every single one of us crashes,
Were all so scared to admit that we aren't perfect,
That we might not be the golden onces?
But how come?
How come... The world and all these wiser and older generations,
Never thought us that is isn't necessary,
To have an XS or to be happy just the way you are?
Why are we all so obsessed,
With winning it all... Being the best?
She was always so beautiful...
But our hard cold world,
It killed her,
She was dead long before she died....
Anna called her...
And she listened to that voice...
She always was so beautiful...

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